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Sculpture & Art

Loveland Sculpture Invitational

The Loveland Sculpture Invitational is the largest outdoor sculpture event in the nation, holding its first exhibition in 1991. Today it boasts hundreds of artists from all over the world and is part of what makes Loveland the “Sculpture Capital of America.”
» Loveland Sculpture Invitational 

Loveland Sculpture in the Park

Considered one of the best sculpture exhibitions in the United States, the annual Loveland Sculpture in the Park event showcases thousands of pieces by nearly 200 artists from across the nation.
» Loveland Sculpture in the Park

Benson Sculpture Garden

The Benson Sculpture Garden, just minutes from Mirasol, is truly a sight to behold. Tour the 130+ permanent works via handicap accessible sidewalks, and cap off the afternoon with lunch at one of the Garden’s several picnic areas.
» Benson Sculpture Garden

Chapunga Sculpture Park

More than 80 pieces of Zimbabwe stone sculpture are featured in the beautiful Chapunga Sculpture Park. Individuals come from across the country to take in this one-of-a-kind gallery, located just a few minutes from Mirasol.
» Chapunga Sculpture Park