Mirasol honors resident by planting 700 tulips

Mirasol honors resident by planting 700 tulips

Seven hundred tulips were planted at Loveland’s, Mirasol Senior Community, last week to honor resident, Carol Vandertie.

Vandertie moved to Mirasol two years ago and began to help caring for the property’s plants and shrubs as a hobby. “She picked up her shears and started shaping and pruning shrubs and flowers. Her work has helped to make Mirasol a show place,” explained Sam Betters, Executive Director of the Housing Authority of the City ofLoveland, owners of Mirasol. “We wanted to honor her work and couldn’t think of a better way than planting theVandertieTulipGarden.” Vandertie says she just enjoys being in the outdoors. “It’s good therapy for me.”

A luncheon was held on Friday, September 25 and Vandertie was presented with a monument rock commemorating her work to be placed in theTulipGarden. The public is invited to visit Mirasol,1153 Finch PlaceinLoveland, in the spring and see the tulips in full blooms. Mirasol Senior Community can be contacted at 970-663-1300.

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